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Hi Paul 

This is a testimonial I would like to offer regarding the help and assistance you have given me through the MindShift program. 

I contacted Paul from a referral I was given by another business owner and friend. I had been going through a really tough time in life. This for a couple of years. 

The main challenges for me were as follows. 

  • Low self-esteem 
  • Low energy
  • I was angry.

I wondered where my place was socially and what I could offer the world. 

I had disengaged from friends and family, Kind of like Maverick in the first Top Gun movie, it's no good Goose It's no good. 

There are multiple negative emotions I could share but I would prefer to share the direction MindShift has taken me. 

This is for you people thinking about MindShift and if it is right for you?

Firstly, there are two commitments for you here.

No1: The first and most important commitment is to yourself by committing to doing the program, commit to doing the work, commit to getting straight into it, and commit to just getting it done. 

The benefits for you by just getting it done will be far greater than if you procrastinate. I know most of us are professionals at procrastination it is one of our best skills. Guys Park it, beat it for a day or two, and just get this done.  

 No2: The second is there is a bit of investment here. Make sure you're ready. If you are, the monetary investment into your personal well-being is nothing. I would pay 4 x the dollars to feel as I do now. 

What I have learned 

I have learned how to forgive not only people around me but myself. 

I have learned that the things I was angry about for the most part weren't really there. 

I have learned how to step outside of my head and how to manage the revolving (door) thought process or anxiety. 

I have learned how to manage and catch myself assigning blame. PLAY ABOVE THE LINE.  

The best part is I have learned how to check in with myself and check in on my actions and reactions. Am I playing fair is this ok? 

I work every day to add value to the people in and around my life. I work every day to work on bettering myself and remembering I matter too. 

This program is amazing as in the first part of MindShift it showed me how to deal with, and park all my past crap. The second half gave me the tools I needed to manage my new journey. 

Yes, I still have shit days but it's easier to move forward when you understand and have the tools. I now want to get out of bed in the morning. 

Every day and every week has just got better and better for me. That I am loving! 

Paul is super supportive and always available to help you through the program and any challenges. 

He is a good honest man. His kick is seeing people better themselves and that is awesome. 

Back to Top Gun 

Ghost Rider, Maverick has re-engaged. and that is how I feel like I'm back in the life game and loving it. 

Thanks so much for your help MindShift and you Paul. 


Andrew (46-year-old Business Owner) 

P.S Nobody is too tough, nor should they be too proud for this program, get into it and get it done people it is LIFE CHANGING


Mark's journey.

Please watch this interview with Mark as he discusses his journey with mental health and how MindShift helped him in both his personal and business life.


Warrick's journey.

Warrick's amazing journey with anxiety and depression and how MindShift changed his life.


Anxiety, depression, addiction! I had them all.

Doctor Peter's story

When I was a teenager, I resented that my mum went to work and I was babysat at my grandmother’s house with my cousins; other kids had more money, bigger houses, newer bikes etc.

I thought this was not fair and feared this would always be the case, which made me angry and anxious.

These unpleasant feelings were not understood by me, so all this exploded out of me as a rebellious teenager who looked to numb unpleasant feelings in drugs and alcohol.

Superficially this made things tolerable because my mind was numbed, but nothing was resolved, and I carried my anger, fear and resentment into adulthood.

I had a good memory so I succeeded academically and became a doctor at 22, still abusing drugs and alcohol to numb feelings I had no idea of how to deal with.

Not knowing how to deal with unpleasant feelings meant I was incredibly anxious about life all the time, could not relax naturally and slept poorly, and eventually became dependent on drugs to sleep.

Four children and three wives later I found myself depressed and suicidal in my late fifties. After three failed suicide attempts, numerous visits to psychologists and psychiatrists, in desperation and despair I found Paul Heffernan and “MindShift” online whilst searching for hope in a sea of self-pity and depression.

I rapidly worked through a process where I looked at myself and my part in all my life’s problems. No focus on the story but rather all the focus on my part in where things went wrong (so no blaming others) - my fears, my anger and my resentment, and the people I had hurt through my actions.

By writing all this down and then working through all this, I was able to finally let go of all the anger and fear, and my resentments eased. Big exhale – what a relief!

Consequently, the high anxiety which had plagued me for 40 plus years abated and I learned to appreciate my life and the others in it. Of course, this is an ongoing process of self-reflection, but with the tools and some regular effort, calm can be maintained.

So, if you are plagued by anxiety, depression, addiction, fear, and resentment to the point that your life is negatively affected, I suggest you look at this. The beauty of this is by looking at yourself you can make a choice to let go of these unpleasant feelings and attitudes and view things differently. This is doable, whereas waiting for others to change is a long, frustrating highway to anger, fear and resentment.

Dr. Peter


The luckiest thing that ever happened

Marks story
Technology automation engineer
New Zealand

I came across Paul and Mindshift by chance, and it may be the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m in my mid-30s and have spent the last 25 years suffering chronic depression, anxiety, and numerous addictions.

I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was 10, on and off prescription medication since I was 18, and an alcoholic for the last 2 years. I met Paul, and he encouraged me to take the leap and really get into this program.

I made a small start and got into the middle of it and froze up, I couldn’t face it, but Paul called me and had a good long chat which convinced me to crank through the rest as quickly as possible. I finished the program in 3 days, and it was like the clouds broke over my head; I felt like I was standing in the sun again.

I cannot stress enough the power of this course and of Paul’s recommendation to get it done as quickly as you can. I overcame years of negativity in the first 2 days, and the 3rd gave me the tools I needed to keep those feelings at bay. Paul’s phone calls and support during that time were invaluable; his wise words and down to earth delivery of the facts will stay with me throughout the rest of the journey this course has started in my mind. Thanks so much, Paul, you’ve changed my life!


MindShift saved my life

 Warrick's story
Call centre team leader
New Zealand
Five days ago I was in a dark place, I have been depressed off and on my whole life, the same with my anxiety, but the last few months it had gotten the worst it had ever been, and I was making steps towards being committed to an institution because I was feeling extremely suicidal.
I was at the point I was ready to try anything; I said Id dance naked in the rain if I thought it would help. We both laughed, and Paul said, 'you may very well do that when we're done or words to that effect.
 As I worked my way through the program, there were no surprises, I knew it was bullying at school that started me down the path to depression, and workplace bullying put me where I am today. What surprised me was when I got to the point in the program where I could unpack my negative emotions and find forgiveness and compassion for the people who hurt me. I also had to confront myself and my role in where I was and take responsibility for my actions.
Was it easy? Hell no. It was hard because I had held onto that anger all my life; it was all I knew, anger and fear. But MindShift gave me a way to let it all go. It takes work, effort and you have to push yourself hard and be completely honest with yourself (and that is easy because everything you do is confidential to yourself). Still, ultimately it has been a life-changing experience.
So here I am, five days after starting MindShift, and I am feeling, well, different. Like a huge weight has been lifted off my soul. I feel clear-headed, I feel calm, I feel a sense of purpose returning to me. I have not felt this way for a long time, so long I had almost forgotten what it felt like; to be happy.
Is there more work to do? Sure is. But now I feel like I have a way forward, I have a structure, I have a process, I have the knowledge needed to make my life a better place to live. Thank you, Paul; from the bottom of my heart, you have literally been life-saving.

We all need help sometimes.

Diane's story
Early childhood teacher

I have thought about this a lot, and I think, where I was when I first contacted you. I think how now is and how when I am overwhelmed or avoiding confrontation, I have a go-to help place, and it is because I did ‘MindShift’.

So many thanks to you and ‘MindShift’.

Thinking back through my journey from a very sad, anxious and lost person to where I am now is humbling. Life, as some say, is not always easy, but some of us choose the wrong path that makes life so much harder. I’m a person that can make some of those poor choices for myself or having too many drinks to make things seem better. There’s a point we need to reach that makes us realise that we can’t keep blaming someone else for our life; we need to be accountable for our own actions and the direction our life is going. 

I was at that point when I contacted Paul. I had tried to control my behaviour and drinking before; I had talked with a doctor, done some research, asked friends for help, I hadn’t found a solution.

‘MindShift’ gives structure to who you are, our basic instincts and how this controls our actions, it has changed who I am for the better, and I no longer suffer from anxiety or addiction.

I am no highflyer, but since “MindShift’ I have completed a Diploma and am so proud of myself; I do not believe I could have achieved it without the confidence and inner strength I have gained through ‘MindShift.’

We all need help sometimes, so give it a go, and it will change your life for the better. Good luck with your future.


I didn’t actually think I needed help.

   Louise's story
   Finance controller

I can honestly say that before I stumbled upon this program, I was a complete mess. I was so stressed out with multiple layers of extremely stressful situations that I just couldn’t get my head around anything to get my life into any sort of normalcy.

 I was feeling so out of control & felt like I was losing my mind. My teenage daughter was also suffering from severe anxiety & debilitating panic attacks & all I wanted to do was to help ease her pain & suffering.

I found MindshiftWorks quite by accident & it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I didn’t actually think I needed help, as I was looking to help my daughter, but after talking to Paul, decided to do it as well.

I am so grateful to Paul for suggesting I do it as it has really changed my life for the better.

I feel so in control of my life now & have the tools to make each day matter & if I feel myself slipping, I can work through MindShift to get back on top of things.

I can honestly say that if you are having any second thoughts. Then don’t.

Don’t waste time contemplating, sign up and change your life now.

I am forever grateful that I did.


How I was before, MindShift

Guiseppe's story
New Zealand

I felt lost, empty and scared, angry and anxious. I was drinking 3-4 times a week, doing drugs, missing work, letting people down and making a show of myself because I was anxious and depressed and had no way to understand what was going on in my head and why people in my life had hurt me the way they did, I had previously sold drugs in the UK and thought that what was going on in my brain was a feeling of guilt of the things that had taken part previously in my life. I’d tried overdosing on New Year’s Eve but thankfully woke up the next day. This continued for a few more months till I met my partner and through her, I met Paul as she is friends with his daughter.

The week whilst I was doing the “MindShift.”

When I first met Paul, he gave me the tools to process what I felt inside, which helped me understand why I felt the way I felt. It was painful at first reliving all these old memories I’d buried so deep. It was an emotional week, but I pushed through and discovered what it was that was really eating me up. As I carried on doing the worksheets, I found out from my subconscious what was really bugging me. Things I didn’t even know had affected me had really brought me down, and the things I thought I felt guilty for weren’t actually bothering me at all.

 After “MindShift”

 I feel a lot better as I have the tools necessary to process emotions and use reason and validity to understand and deal with the way I feel. I still have bad days when I feel down and stressed, but rather than stewing on them, I can properly help myself to move past it and forgive or forget what it was that caused it and then, in turn, be there for other people like my partner or family and friends. Anger was a big one for me, but now instead of fighting and doing stupid things, I can understand my part in a situation and remove myself from it as before I would fight or argue and get myself into trouble.



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I knew that something was wrong, and I needed help.

Brendon’s Story
Real Estate Company Owner

“No one knew I had a drinking problem. I didn’t think that I had one either, but it was sneaking up on me quickly, and I didn’t want to recognise it as a problem. The drinking out of sight from the family was becoming a daily occurrence, and I was always anxious and suffered from depression.

It was a Sunday evening, and I was full from drinking through the day, and I was a mess. I was usually pretty good at keeping it under wraps, but this time I couldn’t string a sentence together in front of my wife and brother-in-law. 

I could see them looking at me, and I was embarrassed. I knew that something was wrong, and I needed help.

Pissed, I had jumped on the PC and punched something into Google and Pauls website came up. 

We never met face to face, but there was an instant trust that came across. He was talking in a language that made sense. 

I was not a fan of talking in a group or going to sessions with others, and I felt very comfortable working through “MindShift”.

I realised what drinking was costing me in my personal and business life was a lot more than a few hundred dollars, and I could spend that in less than a week.

 Owning a business and being in a high-stress position and suffering from anxiety and depression, I could feel the effects of alcohol taking the edge of my fitness and mental sharpness. The alcoholism was stopping me from achieving so many of my personal and business goals. It was stopping me from being the person that I wanted to be.

“MindShift” gave me the exact tools to take action immediately and the tools to stay on track.”

Being alcohol-free, my business is back on track, with more focus, and I am actually “present” in my business and personal relationships.

I highly recommend that if you are struggling with alcohol, then “MindShift” will give you more than you ever dreamed of, and it will give you freedom from alcohol, anxiety, and depression.


I know it has worked for so many people, but more importantly, it saved my life.

Dan's Story
Advertising executive
New Zealand

I have never met Paul, but we have talked many times on the telephone. Despite having never seen him in person, Paul and ‘MindShift’ played a major part in bringing me back from the brink of a life crisis I was not capable of dealing with.

A relationship breakup hit me hard, and in the aftermath, my anxiety and addiction came charging back. I had been attending 12 step meetings for over 4 years. In a short period of time, ‘MindShift’s’ sensible and powerful formula took me back to feeling accepting and empowered. Not only did it straighten me out – returning me to a place of calm – but I felt I had an improved approach to everything. I have never felt better. It is too simple and effective not to try – it would enhance anyone’s life.

I endorse and encourage anyone who has struggled with anxiety or addiction to commit to ‘MindShift’ I know it has worked for so many people, but more importantly, it saved my life.


MindShift knocked my walls down.

Simone's Story

New Zealand

Thank you so much for MindShift online, I found it extremely rewarding and it allowed me to understand my weaknesses and strengths after living with anxiety for the last 14 years with all my wall's up.

MindShift allowed me to knock them all down. Believing in myself and being positive and happy have been Gold.

I know that I am on the right path for happiness. Life had tossed me curve ball's and hurdles, but MindShift has helped me to learn how to deal with them in a better calmer way, my anxiety has been lifted and I have a new energy and zest for life.

MindShift is totally different from anything I have done before and I suggest if you are struggling with anxiety or depression then just commit and launch yourself into it.

Again, thank you so very, very much. 

Kind regards,


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This is the best investment I ever made.

Tony’s Story

I’ve always done okay in life. Did I have a problem?

I was continually anxious and depressed. Eventually, I saw that my problem was that I wasn’t who I wanted to be. I was damaging my health and not happy. I thought, ‘Fuck it’ I’m better than this!

Psychologists were too soft, touchy-feely’. Other programmes were weeks of meetings that I got lost in. I even did money on a retreat! Scouring the Internet, I was surprised at how little help is on offer. Guess why; anxiety is a complex puzzle that is sometimes almost impossible to unravel. That’s why most therapy fails.

Paul Heffernan quickly gave me a lesson in tough love and playing, grown-ups’. I realised that his style is not only a part of his earthy compassion, kindness and humanity but also because he himself has done the hard yards on the tough side of life. He’s come out of it with beautiful values, which he’s working hard at sharing.
I now see how we all have our own set of complexities, which is impossible for us to sort for ourselves. Paul has amazingly formulated the Mindshift Programme, which allows us to methodically lay it bare. It is exhausting and intensive, simple and brilliant.

Best of all, I’ve got awareness mechanisms, an approach to life 

It’s hard for me to comprehend that I’m different. I understand what’s been going on in this head of mine.

This is the best investment I ever made.






I have no doubt Paul saved my life. 

Brad’s Story
New Zealand

In December of 2016, my second marriage ended after 12 months of solid Tramadol and codeine abuse. I had managed to keep anxiety and addiction reasonably well hidden; however, my behaviour deteriorated to the point that my partner kicked me out, then moved out. This came at a particularly low point in my life. Externally everything had been going well; internally, I was crashing and burning. To me, there was no alternative other than to end my miserable life.

I took what should have been a fatal dose of Tramadol, codeine and antidepressants, but I survived. It’s fair to say I was at rock bottom and desperate to change my life. In desperation, I called a friend of over 25 years.

Within hours he was sitting at the end of my bed listening to my sad story. He was caring and empathetic. It was a great relief to be able to talk to someone honestly. It had been a long time since I had been honest. He left for the night, telling me we would start the work the following morning.

The Paul that turned up the next morning was a different person. The empathy was still there, but so was the desire to tell me a few truths. There was no holding back, and he told me as it was. In being honest with me, he expected the same in return.

Paul has developed his own program he refers to as ‚‘Mindshift' an intense three-stage process that simply works. Its’ simple, short and extremely powerful.

What I learnt from the Mindshift Programme allows me to function with integrity, honesty and unselfishly. My life isn’t perfect, but I now have the tools to make corrections where needed.

I have no doubt Paul saved my life through the process of MindShift. In fact, I will go one step further in that he has allowed me to live my life in a way I never thought possible.


'MINDSHIFT' has given me a new lease on life.

Kane's Story
Security specialist
New Zealand

Kia Ora Paul
I want to thank you for taking me through the 'MINDSHIFT' process. I never knew how much fear, anxiety and anger I was holding onto, I feel this limited me from reaching my full potential.
After completing 'MINDSHIFT', I see how crippling these fears and resentments were, and they had a negative impact on my work performance and personal relationships.
'MINDSHIFT' has given me a new lease on life as well as provided insight into keeping myself safe.

Many thanks


Maree's journey.


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In 2021 I presented 4 workshops for people who were just struggling with their lives, they suffered from PTSD, trauma, abuse, addiction, anxiety and depression. They carried shame, guilt, remorse, fear, hate and resentment plus many more.

Here is their feedback from the 4 workshops.

Workshop 1

Group 1  

Ten participants -Average age 27 years- Oldest 35 years- Youngest- 19 years- 9 female 1 male.


  • MindShift helped me to reflect on my life and to take accountability where needed.
  • Bought awareness to myself about the blockages in my life.
  • It made me think about what I would like to do for myself and where I want to be in the future.
  • Acknowledge where I am going wrong, my thought process and my reactions.
  • By acknowledging my faults and blockages, I am learning to be more accountable rather than blaming others.
  • MindShift has helped me to acknowledge and let go/accept core hurts.
  • Paul is a pretty cool person; he managed to connect and communicate with everyone on the same level. Opening up about his life helped us to realise he too is human who is also still learning.
  • Overall, I am privileged to have shared this learning space with Paul.


  • MindShift has given me a fresh look at my life and ambitions I never looked into.
  • How to face the problems I never thought I had.
  • It taught me how to manage my emotions, to see situations differently.
  • How to overcome my resentment and anger.
  • My mind has learnt how to manage everyday situations.
  • It showed me how to create a vision and then applying my goals to get to where I want to be.
  • Able to communicate with my instincts.
  • Never have I opened up to a stranger, and he felt like a friend than a teacher.
  • Blessed to have come across a man willing to help us better ourselves.


  • I found that I have bottled up inside myself, things that have affected me and impacted my life.
  • MindShift has given me the tools to overcome all situations that create my negative emotion, which I would normally compress.
  • It made me deal with issues I thought I had accepted. It has made me realise it is OK not to be OK.
  • It helped me to understand the way I feel and deal with it all.
  • I now have self-control and dealing with situations as they arise.
  • Before I completed MindShift, I was a hidden mess, confused and destructive.
  • Now having a clearer understanding of my emotions and actions, my future is starting to unravel.
  • It has given me a unique perspective on life, another chance at making things more positive for me.
  • Highly recommend. Pauls is amazing; you would be a fool to let his program go.
  • His ability to teach others the tools to process and accept life situations and overcome them is unbelievable.



  • Incredibly pleased, I attended and participated in MindShift.
  • MindShift has helped clear the barriers of past trauma and problems from my mind and body.
  • It helped me to deal with and mend my past troubles and resentments.
  • That my thoughts control my mind.
  • Setting vision/goals that are achievable.
  • Before Mindshift, my life was a complete mess, filled with hurt, anger and resentment.
  • Mindshift has helped remove the barriers in life that have ALWAYS stopped me from reaching them.
  • It has removed the blockages of knowing what I want for my future.
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done and helped me with this course.
  • It has been hard but a good hard, and I am thankful.


  • MindShift has helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Learnt how powerful the mind is; all we experience in life started with a thought that turned into a feeling that we actioned.
  • How to change my thinking whenever with thought, plan, and action.
  • Before MindShift, my life was miserable, and just going through life with no hope or goals set for myself.
  • MindShift helps me in all ways to achieve my goals.
  • Thank you, Paul, such an amazing, humble person.


  • Extremely glad I attended MindShift.
  • MindShift has helped me to get to know myself and to navigate my positive and negative thoughts.
  • Learnt more about myself and my mind over the past 3 days than I have my entire life.
  • I realised that I am responsible and accountable for my part in my resentments.
  • I made my amends for my resentments and hurts, and I feel free.
  • A true statement of never judge a book by its cover. We were able to connect, elaborate, converse and connect with Paul on many different levels.
  • MindShift is healing and educational. I personally enjoyed this course like no other. Thank you, Paul, for helping us in our past, present and future.



  • MindShift has made me re-evaluate/reassess where my point in life is.
  • Before MindShift, I was at a crossroads in my life and very confused about my direction.
  • It has made me responsible and accountable for myself.
  • I now understand that I have been my own barrier to achieving my goals.
  • Paul was easy to relate to and will definitely help others.


  • MindShift has helped me comprehend all my wrongs and helped me to face some of my fears.
  • I realised that I am not alone, and everyone goes through shit mentally and emotionally.
  • Learnt that keeping an open mind can help you in many different situations.
  • Understand that holding grudges and holding onto the past only spirals and gets worse.
  • Before I started MindShift, my mind was clouded with fear and many negative thoughts, and after the course, I have more hope. I feel determined to achieve my goals.
  • MindShift has given me more insight into myself emotionally, mentally and given me faith in myself for my future.
  • Paul was awesome.


  • Extremely happy and pleased I attended the MindShift course. It has helped me overcome simple life skills/habits I thought I couldn’t achieve.
  • It has helped me not let my emotions control my life and many other things, such as learning how to manage and control myself in tricky situations and never blame others for my own thoughts/feelings.
  • Before MindShift, I was always blaming others for how I felt or thought. Now I understand more deeply that I am responsible for how I feel or think and respond to things because no one else can put a thought or feeling into me.
  • MindShift has helped me with my goals by showing me how to have a clear mind with positive thoughts.
  • Paul is amazing at what he does, and we couldn’t have anyone better. Outgoing, kind, funny and therapeutic.


  • MindShift has helped me by making me more comfortable and open with myself.
  • Learnt how to face my emotions and my past and how to let go of them.
  • Before MindShift, I was full of anger, and I did not know how to face my feelings. I never thought I could let go of my past because I had always held onto it.
  • MindShift allowed me to be in control of what I want to achieve, and it has pushed me and motivated me.
  • Paul was fantastic. He worked hard and was easy to understand. Thank you for helping us; it means a lot.

Workshop 2

Group 2  

Nine participants -Average age 25 years- Oldest 35 years- Youngest- 19 years- 8 female 1 male.


  • It has changed the way I think.
  • MindShift has shown me how to have self-control with my thoughts, emotions, and anger.
  • It has given me an insight into how the mind works.
  • Through MindShift, I was able to identify my bad traits and learnt how to fix them.
  • MindShift helped me realise that I do not have to settle for any job and that I can make a career for myself.
  • I enjoyed the programme and Pauls sharing his background; he was inspiring.


  • It helped me understand what needs to be focused on before employment.
  • It helped me meet new and awesome people.
  • It shifted my mind about how MindShift could use some adjustments.
  • It helped me “Solidify” my worth and the type of Mahi I am looking for.



  • MindShift has opened up my Mind.
  • It helped me come out of my past.
  • It showed me it is all right to think of myself.
  • Paul was off the chain; I give him a big thumbs up to put up with someone like me.


  • MindShift has helped me a lot with my feelings and thoughts.
  • It has made me feel better and to understand my mind.
  • I hope what I learnt will help me in my future career.


  • MindShift taught me how to forgive quickly.
  • Learnt the difference between thoughts and feelings.
  • Even with a criminal record, I can get a primo job.
  • How to control my feelings, anger, but I also realise I will need to practice this.
  • Focused on a career path.
  • Paul was a crack-up and a good tutor.


  • MindShift challenged my feelings and emotions.
  • Challenged me physically and mentally.
  • It taught me avenues that can help me to approach situations confidently in the future.
  • It was clear that I have issues; I am here to collect tools to help me in the future.
  • MindShift has given me more tools to be sure of my decision for a career.
  • Paul was very real. Thank you.


  • MindShift helped me realise how much I have not dealt with situations from my past.
  • Trying to feel my emotions.
  • Paul was very straight up, to the point and very accepting of all of us.

Abigail. (Poto)

  • MindShift has helped me think creatively, and the sky’s your limit.
  • It has taught me to stop cruising and to set goals, and follow them.
  • Create my own future and do it for myself.
  • Understand vision and goals.
  • Paul was all good.


  • MindShift has made me think life is more important than blaming others for my own actions.
  • It taught me how to set goals I thought I did not want to do.
  • It helped me to open up about stuff I have never told anyone.
  • To follow my dreams and search for options.
  • Paul was awesome.

Workshop 3

Group 3

Ten participants -Average age 21 years- Oldest 28 years- Youngest- 18 years- 4 female 6 male.


  • MindShift helped me to let go of some things I have held onto.
  • Notice and realise things more clearly and why they happen.
  • It has made me think about what I really want in life.
  • Motivated me to achieve my goals.
  • Noticing and dealing with my emotions better.
  • Paul was clear, helpful, and caring.


  • MindShift made me realise how badly I was corrupting myself.
  • Constantly trying to improve my emotions and reactions.
  • Helping me heal my soul.
  • I would not care if it helped me to get a job.
  • I will be much more successful than I thought I would be.
  • Paul was talkative and straightforward.
  • MindShift has helped me in most aspects. I thought I could not heal.


  • MindShift has really opened my eyes to move forward and focus on the future.
  • It helped me progress into my dreams and pushed me to feel motivated to start my career.
  • It has helped me open up and changed my view on things a whole lot better.
  • Paul was amazing.
  • MindShift has helped me mentally and emotionally shifted my life for the better.


  • Before MindShift, I had a constantly busy mind; I had tried psychologists, councillors, prescribed medication, natural medicines, and MindShift helped me to look at things from a unique perspective.
  • MindShift helped me realise that my thinking patterns are very unhealthy.
  • It has helped me with the way I think and process thoughts.
  • The program has given me a lot more confidence in what I want to do with my life.
  • It has cleared my busy mind of unnecessary thoughts.
  • MindShift is very relatable to people in our situations (Maori)
  • Paul was awesome, and I could relate to a lot of his situations in life.


  • MindShift has helped me to control my emotions and be at peace with my own mind.
  • It helped me gain a lot of self-confidence and a better mindset.
  • It has also helped me communicate in a work environment.
  • Paul was not too bad!
  • MindShift has helped me remain humble to myself and others.


  • MindShift has helped me find what I want to do and realise it is up to me.
  • It has helped me mend my relationships with my family and my girlfriend.
  • It has created a better headspace to really go for what I want to become.
  • MindShift has helped me with my depression and taught me how to move past all the negative thoughts.
  • Paul was helpful, understanding, and respectful.
  • MindShift has helped mentally and emotionally with family and loved ones.


  • Definitely something different, and it has helped me.
  • Great program
  • Paul was great.
  • MindShift has helped me in tiny amounts but with big effects.


  • Working through the MindShift process allowed me to identify my issues and created a clear path on how to deal with them.
  • MindShift gave me a clearer path in helping me to create my career.
  • It has helped me to be more present.
  • Paul was extremely helpful and clear.
  • MindShift has helped me to become more focused and helped me deal with fear.


  • MindShift helped me realise that if I own my problems and make amends, it will make things easier mentally, and it has allowed me to build bridges.
  • It has given me the right mindset.
  • MindShift has shown me how to deal with my anger and anxiety.
  • Paul was helpful and clear.
  • MindShift helped me mentally, and it made me realise that hurting myself because of the feelings I get is not the only way.


  • MindShift helped me realise that I need to take responsibility for my own actions and thoughts.
  • It helped me to make amends with all the people I had resentment towards and who I had hurt.
  • MindShift has helped me with planning my career.
  • Understand that every emotion comes from a thought and that I need to own my stuff.
  • Paul was the man.
  • It helped me with my anger.

Workshop 4

Group 4

Eight participants -Average age 22 years- Oldest 35 years- Youngest- 18 years- 5 female 3 male. (Only 7 completed MindShift because of illness)


  • MindShift has helped me with my past traumas and my past and helped me shed it from my shoulders.
  • Being able to control my thinking and to focus on my job.
  • It has helped me to understand why other people do things and how not to let them affect me.
  • It has given me a new way to think about my thoughts and being considerate of others.
  • MindShift was presented in a way that I understood, and because it was not all theory work, which I can relate.


  • I now understand that other people’s opinions are theirs and that I do not have to be affected by them.
  • MindShift has shown me how to think more positively than negatively.
  • MindShift was easy to follow but emotional and challenging.
  • Paul was awesome and honest.
  • Before I came to the MindShift program, I was full of anger and negative thoughts. I have stopped blaming others.


  • Understanding my part in situations.
  • Learnt how to forgive others.
  • Depression is sadness- I do not need it, anxiety is thinking- I can calm my mind.
  • Paul was insightful, intuitive and had a good sense of sorting problems.
  • Before MindShift, I had no vision or set goals. After MindShift, I have a plan of action, vision, and goal setting.


  • MindShift helped me to think differently and made me more confident and to take different approaches to bad situations.
  • It helped me to think differently.
  • MindShift has helped with my mind and my emotions.
  • Paul was excellent.
  • Before MindShift, my life was shit, and after MindShift, I take a different approach to everything.


  • MindShift helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings.
  • I can believe in myself more.
  • MindShift helped me to deal with my thoughts and feelings.
  • The program has helped me with my thinking and my career path.
  • Before MindShift, I had nothing to look forward to; now, I will try and follow my goals.
  • It helped that Paul was Honest.
  • Donna.
  • MindShift has given me more perspective on myself and how to manage stuff.
  • How to control my thinking and emotions.
  • When I came to the program, I was not expecting it to be fun, but after the second day, I started enjoying it more and listening to Paul because I now understand how to control my emotions and thoughts. I think it will help me with my future choices in life.


  • MindShift helped me to overcome and understand my fears and trauma from the past.
  • More confidence in getting past my fears and how not to dwell on negative stuff for ages.
  • Understanding my thinking and emotions.
  • Paul is the bomb.
  • Before MindShift, I used to think and dwell on shit that happened months ago and kept focusing on it for months after. Now I choose how to react to these negative situations and understand it is up to me. If I get angry and hold on to it. If I am thinking bad thoughts, I can change my thinking. It has actually helped out.
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