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About MindShift

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, worry, stress or fear, please read and listen to this information carefully as it may change your life for good and relieve you of your affliction. 

Mindshift is powerful and transformational. 

How I discovered the solution.

Over the past 34 years, I have helped hundreds of people recover from anxiety, depression, addiction and pure old-fashioned stress. I feel privileged these people have trusted me with their stories and have found a way through MindShift to live a happy and contented life.

It became apparent throughout this time that their issues stemmed from entrenched negative feelings and emotions from past experiences. Deep down inside of them the feelings of resentment, fear, shame, guilt, remorse, anger or hate sat comfortably. These feelings were the cause of their anxiety or depression.

We cannot change these past events, but we can free ourselves from the negative emotions surrounding them.

I have developed Mindshift to allow people to be free from their afflictions once and for all.  

In MindShift, you will learn how past negative events have created your afflictions and discover a  powerful and transformational program for dealing with and removing them.

Over the years of working with people, I found clear patterns between those with anxiety and depression. They all had past negative events and emotions that had not been dealt with.

Many thought they had released these negative emotions, but through participation in MindShift, these emotions were loosened and then released for good. Those with multiple negative events in their life are taught to segment the events and release the emotions tied to them. This is one of the keys to Mindshift’s power and transformational qualities.

​By following Mindshift’s clear and concise instructions, you have the ability to be free from anxiety, fear, and depression. 

Please read the testimonials of those who have achieved this.

Mindshift is a cost-effective solution, proven to free your mind and allow you to live a happy and free life.

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How MindShift works

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The MindShift Process

Phase 1 - Knowledge

  • Learn the differences between positive and negative experiences in our lives.

  • Understand that we have positive emotions and negative emotions and how these create our pain (anxiety, stress, fear and depression).

  • We show you where your anxiety, fear, anger, depression originates.

  • Once we have completed this, we then, with a uniquely structured and integrated structure called segmentation, work through your life. 

​Phase 2 - Segmentation

Segmentation allows you to clearly see each area of your life that may have been causing you problems.​

  • Understand how your emotions have been controlling and impacting your life.

  • Why you may have been blaming others. 

  • How and why your fears are holding you back.

  • How you have hurt yourself and others.

  • We identify your involvement in each situation.

  • Once you have a clear understanding of the above, we then show you how to release the emotion attached to each incident you still have a memory of.


Phase 3 - Transformation

  • Once you have cleared all the held onto emotions and pain, we then show you how to live life so when new negative emotions arise, you will have the tools to work through these emotions and quickly be free of them.

  • We also ensure that you create a life vision with goals, and we explain why this is critical moving forward into the future and how it will allow you to keep anxiety, anger, fear, and depression at bay.


MindShift is a powerful and transformational programme that will relieve you and bring freedom to your life.

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